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15 February 2020  •  5 mins read


Welcome to SSH website 2.0 !
Dear Friends of Silent Heroes, you are now navigating the revamped SSH website. It gives us an in- depth understanding on the origin of silent years award, Its progression over the last 6 years, details on the winners over the years, the people working behind the scene and more.

It also provides a platform for interaction with our followers and provide an avenue for feedback. A blog and social media channels are incorporated for easy outreach. Soon a monthly newsletter will be available too. Here’s many more details of the new features that will be introduced to the new version:

Feature Highlights

✯ Heroic Stories
Every hero deserves to be on the spotlight. We wanted to stretch this by displaying their kindness to the whole world through internet. You can now read each of our heroes’ stories and videos online anytime, anywhere.
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✯ Monthly Newsletter
Now you can get monthly newsletters straight in your inbox. Simply subscribe with your email and we will deliver you latest news of SSH community.
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✯ News, Stories, Footprints
We have collated all news and stories into one single webpage. With category label and search options, finding contents have become much easier and accessible.
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✯ Live Chat
Had doubts while nominating before? Our team is now available to *answer all your questionnaire instantly during the nomination period. You don’t need to pause and come back later to re-nominate. You can now seamlessly get answers to your doubts while nominating.  (*Only available during nomination window)

✯ Archive
We have finally archived all past nomination and award events in chronological order. Learn how SSH begun 6 years ago, the people behind and the challenges faced to bring the silent heroes to the deserving limelight.
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✯ Multiple Social Media platforms
We been active in facebook for the past years and decided to reach out many more readers of our selfless recognition to unknown slient heroes. We are now available also in Instagram, Youtube and LinkedIn. Follow us today!

View SSH website on your mobile, laptop, across all devices and platforms.

Thanks to our committee member Vimal who has been assisting us with designing and maintaining SSH since the formative days. He has put in a lot of love and time into this website that we are all proud of. Thank you Vimal.


Please feel free to give us your thoughts and feel of our refreshed SSH website.
Thank you.

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The Silent Heroes Award Presentation is an annual ceremony organised by CAS – Civilians Association (Singapore). The aim of the award is to recognise ordinary, everyday Singaporeans and permanent residents for their extraordinary humanity and compassion towards people, causes, and missions.


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