The Team Behind SSH

15 February 2020  •  5 mins read


New Team, New Goals!

Since the launch of SSH in 2014, many kind- hearted individuals had served in various capacities in helping bring the movement to what it is today. They have all played a very vital role in the growth of SSH and we are very grateful and thankful to their contributions over the years. It’s always nice to see new ones coming forward, over the years, to take over the baton from their predecessors.

The new SSH Team, united together.

Likewise, 2020 sees a new team manning the nominations & outreach committee headed by Ms. Priscilla Gan, Director, Community Chest Singapore We believe SSH will gain even greater momentum this year with their value add. Sincere thanks and appreciation to all members of the team.”

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Singapore Silent Heroes

The Silent Heroes Award Presentation is an annual ceremony organised by CAS – Civilians Association (Singapore). The aim of the award is to recognise ordinary, everyday Singaporeans and permanent residents for their extraordinary humanity and compassion towards people, causes, and missions.


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Recognising humanity with an award that expresses gratitude of our society for their kindness towards fellow individuals, families, community and environment. Through this award, we look forward to inspiring more to become Silent Heroes. Someday soon, everyone shall be a Silent Hero, not only in Singapore but globally.