The meaning behind the original SSH logo

28 January 2020  •  2 mins read


The logo is representative of an individual who initiates something personal (conviction, spirit, passion) from the heart. This then translates across society, creating a bigger and greater impact and eventually coming back in a much more enriched form.

The different colours are indicative of the multi-cultural society and background of recipients. Red is the longest colour since it is the mark colour of CAS, then HCSC, and the primary colour on our Singapore flag. The figure in the logo is in black, representing the silent, unknown hero, faceless and without recognition.

” The figure is a distinctively anthropomorphic (could be either male of female) and the wild wispiness resembles a spirit (this is extremely subtle since spirit is an internal brand message).”
– Mr MP Sellvem, Chairman

The hero releases the first wave (the personally motivated spirit of the award)-an unrecognized, yet powerful gesture which translates to a huge difference for those ‘around’ the hero (hence the circular motif).

The 5 waves represent the 5 core qualities of the award. The circular motif of the wave also demonstrates continuity and the idea of good deeds eventually coming back to please the silent hero. Each wave is reinforcing the other and making the hero’s impact go longer and further.

Original logo was conceived and designed with the name “Silent Heroes Award” by Mr. Arjun Khara (Member of the Pioneer SHA committee)

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Singapore Silent Heroes

The Silent Heroes Award Presentation is an annual ceremony organised by CAS – Civilians Association (Singapore). The aim of the award is to recognise ordinary, everyday Singaporeans and permanent residents for their extraordinary humanity and compassion towards people, causes, and missions.


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Recognising humanity with an award that expresses gratitude of our society for their kindness towards fellow individuals, families, community and environment. Through this award, we look forward to inspiring more to become Silent Heroes. Someday soon, everyone shall be a Silent Hero, not only in Singapore but globally.