Migrant Workers – Reintegrating them with our society

23 March 2020  •  5 mins read


Initiated by Dasheni Shanmugam (Third girl from the right, in black)

Singapore Youths extending hands to nation-builders

Migrant workers. They are one of our society’s weakest links but thankfully, we have come to realise it and have formed many great initiatives to try and reintegrate them into our society.

These past few months, the COVID-19 outbreak has caused a panic, leading people to fend for themselves before others. Unfortunately, this has created a situation whereby people who are left behind in society, are falling further behind vis a vis our migrant brothers and sisters.

This reminds us that we should be more gracious and adopt a collectivistic mindset to strengthen the links that are weakening each day.

As such, my team and I have decided to band together to make even the slightest impact possible because in times like this, even the smallest actions matter.

Do join and support us in our upcoming COVID-19 outreach programs to make a difference in our society.

– Written by Youth Volunteer: Dasheni Shanmugam

Keen to participate? Get in touch with the volunteers via Instagram or Facebook by clicking their usernames below:

Dasheni Shanmugam
IG: dashkher
FB: Dasheni Dasha Shanmugam

Emilia Zainudin
IG : emilia0623
Fb : Emilia Isa

Chong Rei
IG : reiraerey
FB : Chong Rei

V Janani
IG : officialvjanani
FB: Janani Vijayan

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