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16 August 2020  • 2 mins read


” Like the saying “Leaders are exposed in difficult times” genuine unsung heroes are exposed during times like this pandemic too.

Good times or bad times there are many out there who have been quietly reaching out to others with care and concern and through their acts inspire many more to do likewise. Singapore Silent Heroes Movement, a chapter of Civilians Association (Singapore, CAS, -a registered charity in its effort to promote a more caring and sharing community has been organizing an annual award to recognize and celebrate unsung heroes in our midst since 2014.

The silent heroes in turn help to inspire many more out there to do likewise. Over the last six years 33 awards have been presented and you can get to know the winners and also better understand the awards.

2020 is a very challenging year and there’s even a greater reason for us to pay tribute to these ordinary humans with extraordinary humanity. Our nomination window for the 7th consecutive Singapore Silent Heroes’ Award is from 18th August till 18th of October 2020. We have heard you and this year we have included a new category for foreigners who are working or residing in our nation, to recognise their kind acts in Singapore.

It’s an opportunity for all to show our appreciation to these kind souls who you have been helping make a positive difference in the lives of others or the environment, in their own unique ways, genuinely without seeking recognition of rewards. Go ahead and nominate your hero at
2020 Singapore Silent Heroes

Written by MP Sellvem
SSH Chairman

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Singapore Silent Heroes

The Silent Heroes Award Presentation is an annual ceremony organised by CAS – Civilians Association (Singapore). The aim of the award is to recognise ordinary, everyday Singaporeans and permanent residents for their extraordinary humanity and compassion towards people, causes, and missions.


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Recognising humanity with an award that expresses gratitude of our society for their kindness towards fellow individuals, families, community and environment. Through this award, we look forward to inspiring more to become Silent Heroes. Someday soon, everyone shall be a Silent Hero, not only in Singapore but globally.