Josiah Ng – 2016 SG Silent Hero

28 September 2016  •  2 mins read


Josiah Ng
Youth Category Winner – 2016
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Josiah is a videographer who shoots videos to get people thinking about the many inhumane ways of others. During the haze situation in 2013 where there was a shortage of N95 masks, Josiah went around giving masks to construction workers, families in rental blocks and to those who needed badly but did not have the means to pay for it. He is also known for his project “while you were sleeping”, whereby he delivers food or other items of need to people, without alerting them, while they were resting or sleeping.

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He leaves a note behind stating his gesture so that they are not alarmed. He went around void decks, leaving food and blankets for the uncles and aunties who slept on benches under the block. He left food and drinks for construction workers taking a nap in the hot sun during their breaks. Josiah has shed national awareness on a lot more issues.

Josiah Ng was nominated for the Youth Category for the SSH Awards 2016.  He was the selected winner and received award from Guest of Honour: Mr. Ong Ye KungActing Minister for Education (Higher Education and Skills) and Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Defence, at Shangri-La Hotel on  27th September 2016.

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