A platform to keep families engaged – #StayHomeSingapore

27 April 2020  •  5 mins read


While we are staying home with our families to be safe and secure, during this covid period, there are many initiatives and activities available out there for us to explore, experience, enjoy and enhance our skills and abilities.

Singapore Silent Heroes has timely created a “Stay Home” platform listing many of those services and programs, making it easy for us to choose, engage and benefit from. If you know of any other services or reach-outs (non- commercial) please alert us and we can add on. Here’s few of the interesting categories we have listed: 

Educational contents to free online courses that you can pick up


Watch live streaming shows and stunning performances in amazing quality


During the #stayHome, watch live-stream exercise videos to boost your mind and body health


See the world from your home with just a few clicks. From educational tours to 360 view

And many more categories packed with more than 90+ engaging activities. We will be adding more contents as the days go by.

We hope this gesture of ours will not only keep you occupied but will also encourage more interactions and communications within families thus enhancing greater family bonding and unity. Thanks to Vimal, our website editor and all SSH committee members for making this happen.


Enjoy using the platform as its FREE for anyone to use, anytime, anywhere.
Visit #StayHomeSingapore now

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