Gemma Angela Fernandez – 2017 SG Silent Hero

19 September 2019  •  2 mins read


Gemma Angela Fernandez
Outstanding Adult Category Winner – 2017
Nominated by: Ms Huiying Hannah Huang

Although working at the Institute of Mental Health (IMH), Gemma goes beyond the call of duty to help her patients. One of the ways she does this is by buying groceries for them when they need it, even delivering them during weekends.

Gemma would actively source for sponsorships. She obtained sponsorship from Royals Catering for the annual Patient Chirstmas Carnival, the beneficiaries of which were long time patients residing at the IMH. She also recently helped refurbish a 1-room rental for one of her patients and his flat mate.

Gemma would advocate for her patients persistently, until they get the basic necessities that they need, and would also negotiate with organisations such as HDB. Tapping into her contacts and networks, she has helped source jobs for her patients as well.

“….(Gemma) does everything on the quiet. She does not look for recognition but she deserves it.”
Gemma’s Nominator: Ms Huiying Hannah Huang

Gemma is a co-founder of The Tent, as residential home for troubled adolescent girls. She keeps in touch with the girls that she has helped, even though she no longer works there full-time. These girls would not hesitate to contact her when they require a listening ear. Gemma has never sought recognition but she deserves it.

Profile Video

Video of Gemma and how she goes beyond the call of duty to help her patients, while actively and persistently advocate for them.

Gemma Angela Fernandez was nominated for the Outstanding Adult Category for the SSH Awards 2017.  She was the selected winner and received award from Guest of Honour: Mr Chan Chun Sing – Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office, Secretary-General of the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) at Shangri-La Hotel on  17th September 2017.

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