Do you know of a Silent Hero?

25 August 2020  • 3 mins read


Heroes, in the traditional sense, display outstanding courage, have outstanding achievements and noble qualities. We rightly celebrate them, but in everyday life, silent heroes are all around us.

Silent heroes, to me, are the ones who slog quietly to serve the communities, whether in their work or through volunteerism. The COVID-19 pandemic had highlighted many of these silent communities, such as those in our healthcare system. During the circuit-breaker, while we were confined to our homes, essential workers such as supermarket staff, food delivery drivers, transport staff and law enforcement officers kept our economy and society going.

In Japan, the pandemic had shone the spotlight on sign language interpreters who are usually not shown in news footage, unless for natural disasters or emergencies. After the 2011 tsunami, mega-quake and nuclear accident, sign language interpretation was added to the chief Cabinet secretary’s news conference to ensure the deaf community would be kept abreast of the situation. Their presence has since become the norm, with sign language interpreters available 24/7 for any emergency.

Closer home, I would like to publicly recognize the caregiving work of parents, especially parents raising their children under challenging circumstances. Other silent heroes are our teachers and social workers who frequently share that ‘its just their job’ when we thank them for their compassion.

Do you know of a silent hero?

Written by Sherry Soon
SSH Committee Member

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